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Editor-in-Chief Message
Dear Reader,

“Wisdom is to know that we don’t know.”— —Socrates, 469–399 BC It is with much joy and anticipation that we celebrate the launch of “International Journal of Computer Applications & Network Security (IJCANS)” with this inaugural issue. On behalf of the IJCANS Editorial Team, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the readership of IJCANS. I take this opportunity to thank our authors, editors and anonymous reviewers, all of whom have volunteered to contribute to the success of the journal. An enormous amount of work has done into the development of this journal and I believe you will see the efforts reflected in this edition and the impact it will have on the field. It has been an interesting journey in many aspects.
    IJCANS is dedicated to the rapid dissemination of high quality research papers on how advances in computer networking field can help us to meet the challenges of the 21st century, and to capitalize on the promises ahead. We welcome contributions that can demonstrate near-term practical usefulness, particularly contributions that take a multidisciplinary/convergent approach because many real world problems are complex in nature. International Journal of Computer Applications and Network Security provides a major venue for rapid publication of high quality computer science research including High-performance computing, neural networks, virtual simulations, Ad-Hoc, Mobile, Wireless networks and the emerging networking technologies etc.
    IJCANS provides an ideal forum for exchange of information on all of the above topics and more, in various formats: full length and letter length research papers, survey papers, work-in-progress reports on promising developments, case studies / best practice articles written by industry experts, and tutorials on up-and-coming technological breakthroughs. IJCANS is published two times a year. In science, as in most human endeavors, quality is more important than quantity. As stewards of IJCANS, the editors have a fiduciary responsibility to the readership to ensure that only the very best science appears in the journal. In a very real sense, the editors work for the readers; their charge is to select papers rigorously, publishing only truly new or novel information that constitutes an important conceptual advance vis-à-vis existing knowledge, so that the readers’ time is spent wisely. In an increasingly busy and competitive environment, the readers’ decision to look at our journal must be worth the effort.
    Accordingly, we have “raised the bar” for acceptance. For a paper to be published in IJCANS, it must not only be methodologically immaculate but also have substantial conceptual novelty and a potentially large impact on the field. In other words, we will give priority to new information that significantly augments existing knowledge. The information may or may not be mechanistic, but it must provide substantial new insights into science. We also ask authors to describe briefly in their cover letter what is new in their manuscript and why this will be of interest to the readership of IJCANS.
    Will we be qualitative or quantitative? That’s not the point either. We have gone round and round about it. In this inaugural issue of IJCANS you will find an array of works, representing some of the variety IJCANS promises. Our vision is that IJCANS must be the undisputed premier international journal in network research. This means that it must be the preferred forum for publishing high-quality papers of broad appeal in all areas of computer applications and network security.
    To achieve these goals, firstly, the readers can rest assured that the Associate Editors and myself have made an explicit commitment to fulfill our vision and that we will not be satisfied with anything less. We will pursue these goals persistently and ceaselessly. Though we aim high, the competition on the land of scientific broadcasting is fetching gradually. In this atmosphere, a journal’s rank can decline rapidly, and if IJCANS will not move forward, it will rapidly fall overdue in both rank and impact factor.
    Peer review is the actual pillar of a journal’s success and it depends on the quality and inspiration of its reviewers. The performance of the referees is also important to the authors, who have the right to a rapid and fair review. Thus, we have selected our Editorial Board carefully on the basis of their scientific proficiency, scholarly figure, rational integrity and commitment to the journal. Besides frequent informal contacts, once a year we will conduct a survey of all Board members to solicit their candid feedback regarding the direction, philosophy, and operation of the journal. I am committed to personally responding to all email/phone/letter messages from them.
    We encourage submission of articles in the fields of interest. Our interest in promoting these topics/themes as important features of IJCANS is clearly reflected in the makeup of the editorial team.
    In order to achieve all of the above mentioned goals, I am seeking help and participation from the authors, reviewers, readers, editors, and the IJCANS publishing staff. I will always be grateful for your help and support.

Dr. Abdalla AlAmeen
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